What is your barrier to being a super hero on the bike?

We are super excited to be offering our Cool and Confident Program, an Intro to Intermediate Course.

You’ve taken a camp with us before and are ready to learn more, gain confidence, and overcome obstacles, both mentally and physically. 

This course will knock down those barriers and see you excel in your biking. 

We promise to challenge, nurture and break down barriers. 


Confidence Program

Biking is both physical and a mental sport.  When we are confident in our ability to ride, we ride better. In my 15 years of racing, I've experienced how much biking has taught me that I apply to my everyday life. I wrote a blog post about what I learned about Motivation, Balance and Perseverance many years ago that you can read if you like.
Many times in my coaching career, I've witnessed how our mindset coming into a class affects our ability to learn. 
Covid has affected us all in ways that we may or may not recognize. While we've lived with this dark cloud for the past year, I have to think that it's played a part in our confidence psyche. 
The intention of this program is to tap into our mental strengths, to make us more engaged on the bike, while learning more about the lifestyle of biking, e.g. how does nutrition play into our riding.
This program will take place on and off the bike. It will included self guided work, guest speakers,  and on bike sessions. 
  1. What holds you back? : Looking closely at fear and using visualization 

  2. Goals  (setting intentions - your why ) 

  3. Nutrition - How does nutrition help your riding? What to eat on the bike, before and after. 

  4. Mindset 

  5. Stretching - what bike specific stretches may help


  • April 24th - Self guided session 1 sent out and introductions online

  • May 1st - podcast #1

  • May 7th - Friday night Skills #1 ON BIKE , 6pm

  • May 15th - pod #3

  • May 22- pod #4 + Guest Speaker 

  • May 28- Friday night Skills #2 ON BIKE , 6pm

  • June 5 - pod #5 + video or guest speaker (tbd)

Price: $245