Your Instructors

Single Track Summer School

Cindy and Julie started 'Single Track Summer School' in 2011. They decided they wanted teach and sought out direction on the best methods for teaching women to mountain bike. Off they set for Whistler, where they became ZEP Professional Mountain Bike Instructors and then started Okanagan Bike Skills.

We've had GREAT coaches along the way, (if we may so so ourselves)

Crystal, Candice, Cindy, then Julie decided she'd like to spice it up a bit, and Rosemary joined the team. They've been an awesome duo ever since. 

We have enjoyed teaching the awesome women who have come through the STSS program! It's truly amazing to watch all the participants grow as mountain bikers and in confidence with their new skills! 


A confident and experienced cross country  mountain biker for over fifteen years, Julie brings her expertise and enthusiasm to teaching the sport. 

Julie has competed in many cross-country races in Canada and New Zealand over the years

Julie is a ZEP Professional Mountain Bike Instructor  through  ZEP Techniques PBMI Instructor Training


Rosemary's cheery disposition makes her an excellent coach! Rosemary is great. What more is there to say. 

Oh, and she's a certified coach.